Finding a Listing Agent

Finding a Listing Agent

Why Do I Need a Listing Agent?

Selling your home can be a very exhausting process, especially if you aren’t familiar with the home selling process.  Our experienced, knowledgeable agents can help you command the highest price, while also ensuring that the transaction closes smoothly and quickly.  We will:

  • Educate you on the current market to help you decide if now is the right time to sell
  • Help you set the right price from the start and appeal to more buyers
  • Effectively stage and market the property to attract the highest quality buyers with the most serious offers
  • Coordinate with all parties involved (real estate agents, attorneys, banks etc.) to make sure that the transaction moves along to a successful closing
  • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Importance of communication

Prompt communication is one of the most important factors in following a sale through to closing day.  All parties involved need to stay informed throughout the home selling process.

For example, if an offer comes in, you’ll want an agent who delivers it to you right away. Buyers can change their mind or find other houses, so you’ll want to respond as soon as the offer arrives.

Access to professionals

Having lived in Omaha for a very long time, we know who the “best of the best” are.

Our strong relationships with many of the cities top professionals (loan officers, banks, appraisal companies, attorneys etc.), give us the resources to perform our job well.

Choosing the right agent

It’s always good practice to ask someone for their credentials prior to working with them.  In the case of real estate, you’ll want to make sure they have experience selling homes in your particular market.

Additionally, you can ask them questions to understand their personal approach to business such as:

  • Do you limit how many sellers you work with at any given time?
  • How often can I expect to hear from you?
  • How do you usually communicate?
  • On average, how many days does a house spend on the market?
  • What is your percent sale price to list price?
  • What do you charge for commission and fees?
  • Are you familiar with recent sales in the area?