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Spring Home Buying Tips!

From An Economists Tips for Spring Home Buying in a Seller’s Market Written by Jonathan Smoke In many parts of the country (OK, not Boston), the busy spring home-buying season is already underway—March typically ushers in a significant increase in…

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Avoiding “Energy Vampires”

New Year, New Ways to Save!  This article highlights relatively inexpensive ways to save energy in your home.

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World’s Most Expensive Gingerbread House

For a mere $78,000, you can have your home recreated into a beautiful ruby and pearl studded gingerbread version.  Or, you could use that money and buy a real home!  Check out the article below to see the world’s most…

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Organization Tips from Real Simple Magazine

Location, Location, Location!  Check out this great article about the best utilization of your refrigerator space from Real Simple Magazine.  What are your tips for maximizing the life of your groceries?

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